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  1. Customer Contacts Skip Hire Cape Town
    • The process initiates when a customer gets in touch with Skip Hire Cape Town, either through their website or by phone.
  2. Choose Skip Bin Size and Duration with Skip Hire Cape Town
    • The customer selects the required size of the skip bin and the duration for the rental, facilitated by Skip Hire Cape Town.
  3. Receive Instant Quote from Skip Hire Cape Town
    • Skip Hire Cape Town provides an instant quote to the customer based on the chosen skip bin size and rental duration.
  4. Schedule Delivery Date with Skip Hire Cape Town
    • The customer, in coordination with Skip Hire Cape Town, sets a date for the delivery of the skip bin to their specified location.
  5. Skip Bin Delivered by Skip Hire Cape Town
    • On the agreed date, Skip Hire Cape Town delivers the skip bin to the customer’s location.
  6. Use Skip Bin for Waste Disposal
    • The customer uses the skip bin for their waste disposal needs, which could range from residential to commercial or construction waste.
  7. Schedule Pickup Date with Skip Hire Cape Town
    • Once the customer is ready or the rental period is over, they arrange a pickup date with Skip Hire Cape Town for the bin collection.
  8. Skip Bin Collected by Skip Hire Cape Town
    • Skip Hire Cape Town collects the skip bin from the customer’s location on the scheduled pickup date.
  9. End: Waste Disposed of Responsibly by Skip Hire Cape Town
    • The process concludes with Skip Hire Cape Town responsibly disposing of the waste collected in the skip bin.

Some Of Our Benefits

Affordable Prices

Our skip bins start from just R250 per day. We offer competitive pricing with no hidden fees. Get an instant quote online for your specific project.

Fast Delivery

We can deliver your skip bin as early as today for same day service. Our drivers are punctual and professional.

Flexible Pickup

You decide when your skip bin gets collected. We offer flexible pickup scheduling to meet your needs. Just give us a call when you’re ready.

Service Areas

We cover all major suburbs and towns in the Western Cape including:

Get in touch if you’re not sure if we service your area.

Other Services We Offer

Garden Refuse Removal Services

Skip Sizes


Often, you’ll find that understanding the different skip sizes we offer at Skip Hire Cape Town in Cape Town is essential for choosing the right solution for your waste removal needs.

If you’re dealing with residential waste, like garden leftovers, a 6 cube skip is a great fit. It can handle around two Venter trailers of rubbish.

For commercial clients with light industrial waste, the 6 cube skip is ideal, capable of holding about 30 municipal bins worth of trash.

However, if you’re on a construction site with considerable waste, you’ll want the 8 Cube skip. It is 2 cubes bigger then the 6 Cube skip, making it perfect for handling large-scale waste.

Understanding these options ensures you get the most cost-effective, efficient solution for your needs.


When you’re faced with an overwhelming amount of residential waste, hiring a skip from Skip Hire Cape Town in Cape Town is your best bet. Our residential skip rentals are designed to make waste management a breeze. Whether you’re doing some spring cleaning, undergoing a home renovation, or just have general waste that your local municipality can’t handle, we’ve got you covered.

We drop the skip off at your home, you fill it up, and then we collect it. It’s that simple. No more worrying about how to dispose of all your waste.

  • Garden waste
  • Renovation waste
  • Spring cleaning
  • General waste


Just as our residential services offer an easy solution for your home waste, our commercial skip rentals at Skip Hire CPTN are designed to handle your business’ waste needs efficiently. Whether you run a restaurant or office undergoing renovation, our commercial skip rentals can manage high volumes of waste, offering a hygienic and cost-effective solution.

We’ll leave our skips on your premises for the desired period, collecting them once full. This service is ideal for businesses generating substantial waste, shops, and garden services.

  • Restaurants
  • Businesses that generate lots of waste
  • Offices that are being renovated
  • Shops
  • Garden services


While you’re tackling a major construction project, you’ll appreciate our varied range of construction skip rentals at Skip Hire CPTN in Cape Town, designed to handle all the rubble and waste your site generates. We offer a 2cube, 6cube, and 8cube size skips to accommodate any project scale.

The mini 2-cube skip is perfect for smaller projects, while the midi 6-cube and maxi 8-cube skips can handle larger operations. One of the best parts is the convenience. You can easily arrange delivery and collection times that work for you, just by completing our online form.

With our construction skip rentals, managing site waste becomes a hassle-free task. So, why wait? Turn your attention back to the build and let’s deal with the debris.


“The skip bin was delivered on time and the driver gave me tips on the best place to position it. Great service.”John, Cape Town

“I needed a skip urgently for a home renovation project. SHCT were able to deliver a bin on the same day. Lifesaver!”Anne, Somerset West

What Skip Sizes Do We Offer?

Skip Size


Capacity (Bin Bags)

Ideal Use


Special Notes

Restricted Refuse

Additional Features

Miniature (2 cubic meters)2 cubic meters25-35Compact kitchen renovationMost driveways and gardensCost-effective for garden/household wasteFibrous material, human/animal waste, harmful fluids, tyres, batteries, gas containers, electronic waste, fluorescent tubes, food waste, refrigerators (if not prepared)Open skips, skip trailer delivery, lifting mechanism
Builders (6 cubic meters)6 cubic meters60-70House and attic clear-out, renovationCan accommodate ~6 tonnes of materialsIdeal for heavy materials like soil, stone, hardcoreSame as aboveOpen skips, skip trailer delivery, lifting mechanism
Large Builders (8 cubic meters)8 cubic meters80-90Large construction projects, extensive declutteringCan accommodate ~8 tonnes of materialsComparable to a spacious family car sizeSame as aboveOpen skips,skip trailer delivery, lifting mechanism

Contact Us

Get in touch with us today to book your skip bin or get a quote:

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You can also get an instant quote using our online form. We look forward to helping with your skip hire needs in the Western Cape!

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Skip Bin Sizes

Bin SizeDimensionsWeight LimitEstimated Waste CapacityIdeal UsesRental Costs
2 Cube Skip1.2m x 1m x 1mUp to 1 tonne2 cubic metresSmall home renovations, garden cleanups, small office clearoutsR650-upwards per day
6 Cube Skip2.4m x 1.5m x 1m2-3 tonnes6 cubic metresLarger home renovations, construction sites, office/warehouse clearoutsR2000-R2500 for 2 days
8 Cube Skip5m x 1.3m x 1.2m3-4 tonnes8 cubic metresMajor renovations, large construction sites, factory/industrial clearoutsR2800-R3300 for 2 days


Here are the key action points for someone renting a skip bin in Cape Town

  • Segregate your waste properly into general, recyclable and hazardous waste before putting it into the skip. This is required by law.
  • Do not put hazardous waste like batteries, light bulbs, paint tins etc into a general waste skip. These need to go into separate hazardous waste skips.
  • Make sure any recyclable waste like paper, plastic, glass and cans are put into the correct recycling skip bin.
  • Do not overfill the skip bin beyond the top edge. You can be fined for this.
  • Do not dump waste illegally on the street, this can lead to prosecution.
  • Keep the area around the skip bin tidy and clear of obstructions.


Eco-Friendly Waste Management Solutions 

As a skip hire company in Cape Town, we can provide eco-friendly waste management solutions for our clients by ensuring proper sorting, recycling, and disposal of waste materials.


When clients rent a skip from our company, they fill it with various types of waste, such as general waste, builders rubble, wood, metal, and electronics. Once the skip is full, our team collects it and transports it to a material recovery facility (MRF) for sorting and processing.



At the MRF, waste materials are sorted into different categories, such as paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, and metal. This is done using a combination of manual labor and automated machinery, including conveyor belts, screens, magnets, and optical sorters.



Once sorted, the materials are processed to be used in the manufacturing of new products. For example, paper and cardboard are pulped and turned into new paper products, while glass is crushed and melted to create new glass items. Metals are melted and reformed into new metal products, and plastics are cleaned, shredded, and melted to create new plastic items.


Recycling and Landfill Reduction

By properly sorting and recycling materials, our skip hire company can help conserve natural resources, reduce pollution, and support a circular economy.

This contributes to the environmental benefits of recycling, such as reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators, conserving natural resources, and reducing pollution from the extraction and processing of raw materials.

Compliance with Regulations

As a skip hire company, it’s essential to comply with local waste management regulations and guidelines. This includes ensuring that hazardous materials are disposed of safely and that waste is transported to licensed facilities for recycling or disposal.


By offering eco-friendly waste management solutions, our skip hire company can help clients in Cape Town reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable use of resources. Proper sorting and recycling of materials not only benefit the environment but also create jobs, generate revenue, and save energy compared to producing new materials from raw resources.

SHCT is a  proud member of the Institute of Waste Management Southern African (IWMSA) and E-Waste Association of South Africa (EWASA).


Our standard skip hire duration is one week. However, if you require the skip for a longer period, please contact us to discuss your needs and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Our turnaround time for skip delivery is typically within 24 hours of your booking, ensuring that you receive your skip promptly and can begin your waste disposal project without delay.

We occasionally offer discounts and special promotions for our customers at certain times of the year. Please contact us or check our website for any current promotions.

Yes, we offer back-to-back and multiple skip hire options for larger projects or businesses that require ongoing waste disposal services.

Yes, we are in partnership with a glass recycling company, crushing building glass and selling it to end users as a substitute for various products in a variety of industries. Our efforts decrease the amount of glass going to landfill and result in less environmental pollution.

Hazardous waste, such as asbestos, chemicals, batteries, and other restricted items, are not allowed in our skips. Please contact us for more information on specific waste restrictions.

If you need to change the size of the skip or extend the hire period, please contact us as soon as possible. We will do our best to accommodate your request, subject to availability and any additional fees that may apply.

We generally allow mixed waste in our skips. However, hazardous materials and certain restricted items are not allowed. Please contact us for more information on specific waste restrictions.

We are committed to responsible waste disposal and recycling. The waste collected in our skips is taken to a licensed waste disposal facility, where it is sorted and processed according to local regulations and environmental guidelines.

The cost of hiring a skip depends on the size of the skip, the duration of the hire, and any additional fees, such as permits. Please contact us for a detailed quote based on your specific needs.

You can book a skip by contacting us via phone or email. Provide us with your desired skip size, location, and duration of hire, and we will arrange the delivery and collection of the skip.

Our skips can accommodate various types of waste, including construction debris, garden waste, and general household waste. However, hazardous materials, such as asbestos, chemicals, and batteries, are not allowed in our skips.

If you plan to place the skip on public property, such as a street or sidewalk, you may need a permit from the local municipality. If the skip will be placed on private property, a permit is generally not required.

Our Skip hire service in Cape Town involves renting a large, open-topped waste container designed for loading onto a specific type of lorry to dispose of waste materials in a safe and eco-friendly manner.

Skip hire Cape Town can accommodate various types of wastes including construction debris, household rubbish, garden waste, office cleanout trash, among others. However, hazardous materials like asbestos are typically not allowed.

The cost to hire a skip bin in Cape Town varies depending on the size of the bin and the duration of rental. On average, it may range from R500 to R2000 or more.

Rental periods vary by company but usually range from 1 day to 14 days. If you require the skip for longer periods, arrangements can often be made with the rental company for an additional fee.

Yes. Regulations may include restrictions on where skips can be placed (typically not allowed on public roads without permission), what type of waste they can contain (hazardous materials are typically prohibited), and how full they can be loaded (usually must not exceed fill line). Always check with your chosen provider about their specific rules and any necessary permissions.

Skip hire services in Cape Town support the circular economy by promoting waste recycling, reducing landfill waste, and contributing to the conservation of natural resources. Skips allow for efficient sorting and separating of waste materials that can be repurposed or recycled.

Skip hire services in Cape Town must adhere to local regulations regarding waste management. These include ensuring proper disposal or recycling of waste, preventing illegal dumping, and obtaining necessary permits for placing skips on public land. Compliance is often guaranteed by reputable companies as part of their service.

Skip hire allows for large quantities of waste to be collected and disposed of efficiently, reducing littering and illegal dumping. The sorted waste can then be recycled or disposed of responsibly at licensed facilities, supporting overall city cleanliness and environmental preservation.

General household waste, construction debris, garden refuse are commonly accepted in skips. However hazardous materials such as asbestos, chemicals, medical waste etc., are not usually accepted due to safety concerns and specific disposal requirements.

Look for companies that have clear pricing structures, good customer reviews, necessary permits for operation. They should also demonstrate commitment towards eco-friendly practices like recycling majority of collected wastes to align with principles of Circular Economy.

Yes, our skip hire services are available in various suburbs across Cape Town, including Kenilworth, Rosebank, and other areas.

In areas like Milnerton, we manage construction waste, including rubble, by providing appropriately sized skips and ensuring the waste is processed according to environmental standards.

Our focus on recycling and proper waste sorting reduces the need for incineration, thereby minimizing pollution and conserving natural resources.

Hazardous waste such as chemical substances and bulbs require special handling and are not allowed in our regular skips. We guide customers on how to dispose of these items safely and in compliance with regulations.

While placing skips on private property in Claremont typically doesn't require a permit, it's important to ensure that the placement complies with any local bylaws and does not obstruct public access.

By promoting recycling and efficient waste management, our service helps to conserve natural resources and minimize the environmental impact of waste.

We adhere to all local and national regulations in South Africa, focusing on the safe disposal and recycling of waste, including hazardous materials, to ensure compliance.

Yes, we can provide skip hire services for the disposal of garden waste and household leftovers in Vlei and similar areas.

Materials like plastic and paper collected in our skips are sorted and sent to recycling facilities where they are processed and repurposed, thereby reducing landfill use.

In suburbs like Plumstead and Heemstede, we ensure compliance with local and national waste management regulations, including proper handling and disposal of waste materials.

Our service contributes significantly to waste management in South Africa by facilitating efficient waste disposal and recycling, thereby helping to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills.

Our waste containers, or skips, vary in size. For example, a 6-cube skip has dimensions that allow it to hold approximately 6 cubic metres of waste, suitable for both residential and commercial needs.

Yes, we offer debris removal services in various suburbs including Sunningdale, ensuring efficient and environmentally responsible disposal of waste.

Asbestos is a hazardous material and is not accepted in our regular skips. We guide customers on how to dispose of asbestos safely and in compliance with regulations.

Our services support recycling efforts across Africa by ensuring that recyclable materials like plastic, paper, and metal are properly sorted and sent to recycling facilities.

We focus on reducing landfill waste by maximizing recycling and proper waste segregation, thereby minimizing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

For restaurants, we provide skip hire services that can accommodate large volumes of waste, including food waste and packaging, ensuring efficient and hygienic disposal.

The fees for hiring a skip in Stellenbosch vary based on the size of the skip and the duration of the hire. We provide detailed quotes based on specific customer needs.

Yes, we offer skip hire services suitable for industrial waste, providing an efficient and compliant way to manage large volumes of industrial debris and waste.

Metal waste collected in our skips is sorted and sent to recycling facilities where it is melted down and repurposed, reducing the need for new metal production and conserving resources.

In areas like Killarney and Somerset West, we offer a range of waste management services, including skip hire for residential, commercial, and construction waste.

Yes, residents of Bergvliet, Kommetjie, and other surrounding areas can avail of our skip hire services for efficient waste management solutions.

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is handled separately due to its hazardous components. We ensure it is properly recycled to prevent environmental harm.

A MIDI skip can accommodate a variety of waste types, including household and garden waste, but does not accept hazardous materials like chemicals or asbestos.

Skip hire refers to the practice of renting a large, open-topped waste container for temporary use. In terms of environmentalism in Cape Town, it allows for efficient waste management and recycling practices, reducing pollution and landfill usage.

Skip hire Cape Town facilitate organized waste disposal, which reduces illegal dumping that could harm the environment. These services also often include sorting and recycling processes which are key in conserving resources and minimizing landfill usage.

Yes, we provide their services across different regions including Stellenbosch.

Motor car industries produce a significant amount of waste material during manufacturing. Skip hires can help manage this by providing an efficient system for collecting, disposing, and recycling such waste.

Yes, both local governments have strict regulations regarding waste disposal. Skip hire companies must adhere to these rules ensuring proper handling and disposal of waste materials to minimize environmental impact.

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